Got Mold?
Got Smells?

If you have mold, we can kill it and the spores that cause it.  We can destroy the spores in the air and all airborne bio-particulates.

Smoke, Pet Odors, Human Smells, Cooking and Food Odors - We can eliminate the smells and cleanse the soft furnishings.

We remove biological and chemical impurities from the air and on the surfaces where they rest.
  • Kills Mold
  • Eliminates Odors & Smells
  • Improves Air Quality & Health
  • Guaranteed Low Cost Treatment
  • Licensed and State Approved
  • Leases & Franchises Available

PATI Price Match Guarantee

Pure Air Technologies promises that they will provide you with the FAIREST proposal and the best price for your project. PATI will match the price of any competitive bid that provided an “on site” review of the project and will perform an equivalent job description and service, to include a dry gas treatment solution for a complete remediation of the job.

Pure Air Technologies


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